Sponsorship Opportunities

SMCSBA partners with qualified enterprises that provide services to school districts and whose solutions align with the missions and goals of SMCSBA.  If you are interested in partnering with SMCSBA or learning more about any sponsorship opportunities, please contact Alisa MacAvoy.

Gold Sponsorship

For each event, Gold Sponsorship includes:

Silver Sponsorship

For each event, Silver Sponsorship includes:

SMCSBA must approve all sponsorships.   Companies/products must align with the goals and values of SMCSBA.  Sponsor will bear all costs related to the design, production, and distribution of any literature or signage distributed at an Event.  SMCSBA must give prior approval to all materials to be distributed or displayed at event and must approve any messaging used in communications to its members.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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