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Greetings All!

As we look to the 2022-2023 school year, we have certainly faced an incredibly unique time in history. We have gone through some extremely difficult times, and now, hopefully, we are heading out into a new era of education in this post-pandemic time. I am excited for opportunities to re-imagine education in ways that take the lessons we have learned from this time and use our new experiences to innovate, improve learning, and ensure that all students have access to a high quality, equitable education.

As President of the San Mateo County School Boards Association I look forward to building upon the amazing work we have done over the last few years in addressing the needs of all of our students and formulating strategies on how to address the needs of our regional education institutions. This post-COVID time has the potential to be a brave new world that if we are committed to not going back to what used to be, we can embrace a new future of education. For example, the California Department of Education has outlined this graphic on how we can look to ways of transforming education in California. I look forward to engaging our members to work together on this endeavor.

I look forward to strengthening existing partnerships and building new ones as we come together as a united county of school districts. My hope is that we find time to come back together in person in order to create deep and rich dialogue and collaboration in our county. Together, we can hold each other up through the continuing challenges to ensure that all students have access to a quality, equitable education.

Our fantastic Board of Directors is meeting at a summer retreat to plan out the year of professional development for our members and opportunities to form those crucial lines of communication across district lines. As a membership organization, we are privileged to have a wealth of knowledge available to us from other members and our County Office of Education. I hope that I have the opportunity to meet each of you at one of our upcoming SMCSBA events.

Thank you all for your dedication to our students.

Greg Land
2022-2023 SMCSBA President

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