County School News

May 2011: Governor’s May Budget Revision Means Continued Uncertainty for Schools

May 2011: Workability Activity Resource Center Receives Kent Award

May 2011: Safe Routes to Schools

May 2011: SMCOE Facilitates Shared Services Model

Apr. 2011: Touch, Bounce, Buzz and Swing in the Sensory Motor Room

Apr. 2011: Siegel Receives Statewide Personnel Commissioners Award

Apr. 2011: SMCOE Conducts Bond Oversight Committee Training

Apr. 2011: Upcoming Election Determines School Parcel Taxes and County Supervisor

Mar. 2011: EdSource Forum Delves into the Future of Public Education in California

Mar. 2011: Destination 2025: Mapping the Course for Our Kids

Mar. 2011: San Mateo County Summer China Institute

Mar. 2011: Karen Philip Receives California Schoolmasters’ Club Educator of the Year Award

Feb. 2011: “Race to Nowhere” Examines Pressure‐Cooker Schools

Feb. 2011: Innovator Grants Help Science Classrooms Soar

Feb. 2011: Hollywood Just a Step Away for Community School South

Jan. 2011: Say Thanks to Your Local School Board Members

Jan. 2011: Governor’s Budget – A Challenge for K-12 Education Funding

Jan. 2011: Seal of Biliteracy Program Comes to San Mateo County

Dec. 2010: Peninsula Partnership Leadership Council Children’s Summit

Dec. 2010: Online Art Show Highlights ROP Digital Arts

Dec. 2010: Lend a Helping Hand This Holiday Season

Nov. 2010: New Plaque Honors Teachers of the Year

Nov. 2010: No Ordinary Tour for Visiting Principals from Shanghai

Nov. 2010: New SMCOE Resource for Parents of Children With Special Needs

Nov. 2010: Voters Approve Most School Ballot Measures in November Election

Oct. 2010: State Budget Finally Adopted 100 Days Late


Oct. 2010: Achievement Gap Summit Brings Together County Policy Makers

Oct. 2010: San Mateo County Schools Score Well in APR Results

Oct. 2010: County Office Plays Key Role in Adoption of Common Core Standards

Oct. 2010: San Mateo County Office of Education Garden Programs

Sep. 2010: County Welcomes Anne Campbell as New County Superintendent

Sep. 2010: Denise Porterfield Takes Helm of Fiscal Services at SMCOE

Sep. 2010: New School Year Brings New School Buildings

Sep. 2010: SMERC Library Book Collection Finds New Home

Sep. 2010: Whooping Cough Is On the Rise in San Mateo County

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